author: mushtaq hussain

Every thing can be done in two ways -direct and indirect. Both the methods are useful in their own capacities. The self-murder, which I want to deal just now, is a result of indirect attack, which is being carried out after years of direct conflicts.

Is it not so that the killing of our hopes and desires amounts to self-murder? Is it not so that the killing of the accomplishers of our hopes amounts to self-murder? Does not the destruction and blowing up of the green fields - the ready lush green fields - amount to self-murder? Are not you self-murderers?

The world of Islam has always been fighting with the world, non-Islamic. Truth has been in war with falsehood. Days and nights have always tried to succeed one another. Who has been the winner through out is not the point under discussion. What we want to discuss here is the intentions of non-Islamic forces and falsehood today. Their intentions, to make night prevalent over days, darkness over light. After years of conflicts, plus non-achievement of their goals, they have decided to first destroy the root cause of their defeat and then attack. In other words, to first dissolve the defense and then fight a defenseless war. This they want to accomplish by cultural attack.

Culture is something giving life to human bodies, giving them their identification, their enemies' identification, their goal and so many things. Thus by destroying a culture would mean to destroy the life of living being, to snatch away from them their identification to misguide them and so on. Why do anything at all? Just destroy the cultural identification of the people you want to make slave. And this is what is being done nowadays.

But all this could not have been made possible until and unless there was a blunder on our part, until and unless righteousness itself intermingled with falsehood and thus lost its stand ultimately.

When the Muslims achieved so many victories and became the rulers of the vast lands, the earthly lands, they lost control over the fertile lands of their heart, the heart which once bore fruits of remembrance of Allah, were now cultivating love of evils-evils such as ignorance.

Not only did we ignore knowledge, but also those who had it. And as both are so tightly linked that if you leave one you will be losing the other too. So the thing which brought victories and success to the Muslims was no longer with them was taken away by useless pride, laziness and selfishness which are similarly not only the causes of ignorance but also its effects.

Thus once a seed of falsehood was sowed in the land of heart, it started bearing fruits exponentially. If the heart was fertile to righteousness, it proved to be the same for falsehood. Thus very soon the fast growth of evil could be felt, until a time came when it became the dominant species.

This was the time when the enemy outside, found its friend in the middle of its fore-rows. And thus it attacked us indirectly- indirectly by instigating its friend and supplying it with arms and ammunition.

The continuous inflow of western music, films displaying nude bodies of their women, the slogans of the so-called democracy and women's rights allured the young minds toward falsehood. These minds had lost all defense power as they are defeated by the evils such as, ignorance, pride and selfishness etc. Thus the empty minds had to be filled by something and yes - they were filled with these very things and everything, which the imperialist colonialists, the west, the falsehood wanted to fill.

Muslims were made to hate their own religion. Those who had understood what was happening around, in the light of their bright religion, were given names such as fundamentalists and extremist, until those tuned by western information started considering them broad minded, liberal, moderate and so on. But those were the real extremist-extremists, extremely towards evil, falsehood, darkness, and filthiness.

Yes - it was this broad-mindedness only, which made people leave mosques and occupy seats in the cinema house, leave ulema and listen to the actors and actresses and other entertainers. Mosques were abandoned, only to be referred to at the time of weddings and other rituals. Ulema were left only for giving azan in the ears of the newborn, until the time came when our society lost its axis of rotation.

Our women threw their chadors off, our men shaved off their beards, Our children were admitted to schools where dancing and music classes were a part of there curriculum, the voice of the qari and moazzin (reciters of quran and azan respectively) were replaced with the voice of the singer, happy marriages were turned into cases of divorce, respect for parents was no more there, dependence on Allah was no more there, acceptance of truth was no more there. Islam went out and atheism came in, lights were off and darkness prevailed, purity was gone and filthiness was in.

Now as to what should be done to remove this entire dirt. The only thing is to train your future children for doing the job. Yes, you only made the society dirty and you will have to clean it. You should give more time to your children. Teach them the real Islam yourself and do not depend on schools and madrassas. Teach them by adopting Islam themselves. Provide other sources of entertainment for them - such as useful games, going for an outing, etc. You must also keep an eye on their company. Make them adopt and choose books as his best friend and guide them as to what type of books they should read. By reading good books, not only will they have a good company, but will automatically be saved from indulging in bad deeds, they will be kept informed, and they will have real knowledge.

Remember if the coming generation also gets out of our hands, we will be left with nothing and you will be rightly termed as murderers, our murderers, your child's murderers and self-murderers. Would you be able to be bear God's wrath and anger over so many killings, a nation killing? No, certainly not.

Now come on, rise up against the evil doers. Even if you have to fight the biggest power. Once you are in the way, you will feel as if you have strong backing. And of course which would be the backing as strong as Allah's. Yes -Allah will help you. Rise up against ignorance, against selfishness, against every kind of corruption. Revolt against the injustice carried out with you. Revolt against the wrong customs, revolt against the snatcher of your identity, rebel so that you may be forgiven, rebel: so that you may save your name, rebel so that you may not be blamed. Save us -your children, your fruits to be eaten away by yours enemy, save us from the clutches of cruelty which is kept for us in store. We do not want any more closure of the eyes, we do not want dozes for sleeping,

We want rebellion. We want guarantee for our survival, we want reality and we want Islam.

Contributed by mushtaq hussain (africa wala)

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